How to Use Green Tea to Lose Weight

In recent years, green tea has been the new "rock-star" to lose weight and stay healthy. Everybody wants to know if this is true or just another lie invented to give you false hopes and take your hard-earned money away. Is green tea really good to kill abdominal fat? Let me tell you the truth.

Green tea is 1 out of 4 kinds of tea that comes from the plant "Camellia Sinensis". There are green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea. All of them have different properties, flavors, antioxidants and benefits but all of them have something in common: they all contain caffeine, catechins, polyphenols and other ingredients that, in some how manner, help promoting fat loss in our body.

Unless you have a problem with caffeine, consuming tea will bring a lot of benefits to your health. It would be a real shame that you can't enjoy the flavor of this wonder, because you are missing one of Mother Nature's best gifts. Even so, tea contains less caffeine than coffee. If you are worried about your sleep time and don't want troubles at night, just don't take any tea after mid-afternoon.

Respect the thermogenic effect of tea to lose weight, let me tell you that green tea and oolong tea are the best to achieve that because both of them contain powerful antioxidants and ingredients that inhibit fat while you are eating. Moreover, investigators know that caffeine is a good helper for fat loss. This is a good reason to avoid decaffeinated tea. Always look for normal and organic tea only.

A good idea is drinking a mix of the 4 teas, a cold mix, at each meal, just to enjoy the unique benefits of every one of them. Go to the store and get the four kinds of tea, make every one in separate, mix them in a jar and take it to the fridge. Every time you start eating, enjoy your mix of 4 teas. From now on, you will have a better fat loss, I'm sure, and your metabolism will also improve due to the low-digesting properties of green and oolong teas.

Never spend your money in products or supplements containing "green tea" or "extract of green tea" because you are taking your money down to the toilet. Always drink tea in its natural way, as indicated above, and try to buy it organic and/or free of pesticides.

Notes and Conclusions: You can use green tea and the others to support your weight loss program, as helpers. But regardless of all the benefits of tea, if you are eating more calories than you need, your weight loss efforts won't work. So please, don't try to fool yourself.

I hope you enjoyed knowing about the properties of tea to lose weight and fat loss. There are a lot of benefits that remain hidden in tea, but scientists keep investigating and discovering more things every day. You will see me very often around here, so please, stay connected to my posts. Bye.

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